At Stellar Web Development, each website created is suited to your company needs. We do a great deal of research finding exactly the right design for your company. Everything is created to your specifications as nearly as possible.

Once your website is completed, our services do not have to end there. We help you learn how to manage your Zen Cart website with specific training!

When searching for a web developer, keep in mind that Stellar Web Development offers:

1. Friendly, Personalized Service. All websites are designed by one person – owner Judy Gunderson. My objective in building websites is to build a site that is as close to exactly what you want as is possible. My bubbly personality, exceptional creativity, love of design and working with / helping others is abundant in all that I do. When a client finds me, they not only become a client – but a friend!

As a client, you will be able to contact me via phone and email. I will NEVER be one of those designers that my clients have run into that will treat you in a demeaning manner or ignore you when you need something. I am here to serve my clients! Most of my business comes from referrals – I treat all my clients like they are gold!

2. Turnaround on a website design depends upon the client and how quickly they can communicate with me – but normal turnaround is a week or less from the time I have all the information I need to design your site. This is kind of a broad statement, because all websites vary – but be assured that your site will be completed in record time!

3. Prices. My prices are very reasonable so your website will be affordable. I actually LIST my prices on my website – no surprises, no rolling with the punches, no filling out requests for quote forms – what you see is what you get. I also realize that each site is different, and will give you prices especially for your needs.

4. One Stop Shop! I am a domain registrar and have a DEDICATED server that I lease for hosting my client’s websites. This gives you everything you need under one roof! Only one person to contact if you have a question – no digging around in emails for logins and passwords! If you have every had a site hosted on a shared server, you will definately appreciate the benefits of being on a dedicated server! You are not at the mercy of spammers or people running malicious scripts – I maintain my own server and so far have had 100% uptime!

5. No Tricks! I hope you have never experienced working with a web designer that charges you monthly fees of $50 or more to “maintain” your site or even to host it. Then when you want to make changes, you cannot do it yourself… and you are tied into having to wait for the designer to make time to make the changes – which could take weeks or months! I have had clients who were so “locked in” to a designer or hosting, that it was nearly impossible to get the site away from them. You wont find that here! Chances are you will never WANT to leave and find other services… but if you do… your website is YOURS and you have access to all your info at ALL times!

6. Specialized Training. I am a firm believer in helping those who wish to maintain their own sites. Thus, when a client has me design a zencart website, for example, they receive specialized training on how to maintain their site. This saves them money and it also gives them CONTROL over their own site! Want to know how to view your stats? Need to set up an email account? Want to set up your email to come down into Outlook? These are all things I help my clients with on a daily basis.