Zen Cart Hosting

When it comes to hosting, not all companies are created equal!

Here are a few reasons why our hosting stands out among the “hosting for the masses”.

1. Our servers are PCI Compliant. For those with an e-commerce website, this is critical to protect your customer’s data.
2. Our servers are fast. Why? Because they are top of the line and are NEVER overloaded with too many web sites.
3. Our uptime is great. Another why? Because we do not allow out of date software (such as Zen Cart or WordPress) on our servers; we do not allow spamming or sending out of newsletters for more than 200 subscribers; we do not allow just “anyone” to sign up for an account on our servers.
4. Our customer service is extra ordinary!

We host mostly Zen Cart E-commerce websites on our dedicated servers.

If you need hosting for your zen cart website, give us a call at 816-550-1900 and we can discuss your needs.