Zen Cart

Zen Cart is an open source e-commerce software that is so versatile, other shopping cart programs for online stores just don’t seem to measure up!  With version 1.5.0, Zen Cart is the first e-commerce platform that is PA DSS certified for accepting credit cards safely and securely online.

I like to refer to Zen Cart as OsCommerce on steroids because to me it seems much more flexible and powerful than OsCommerce. Zen Cart is not only flexible and powerful, but it is FREE – you just can’t find a better deal than that.

Zen Cart is ideal for websites that have 20 or more products to offer for sale to it’s customers. You can offer physical products for sale as well as downloadable products.

Along with the stand-alone program, there are many modifications you can make to Zen Cart to make it even MORE powerful! Some of these modifications include: Fast and Easy Checkout, Zen Lightbox, EZ Populate, Simple Google Analytics, Quantity Discounts and many more!

Zen Cart currently has the capabilities of accepting credit cards through: PayPal and Authorize.net. It also allows you to accept checks and money orders.

With Zen Cart, you have the flexibility of having the cart actually be the MAIN page of your site, or building html pages outside of the cart.

If you are in the market for an online shopping cart website, Zen Cart is definitely a software to consider!  If you are interested in having a Zen Cart template and complete store built, feel free to visit TotallyZenned.com for more information.